Freedom City Presents

Session - When Zombies Attack!

Jenna Starr is working late in the lab, again, when she is admonished by Professor Hodges to go out for the night. He even goes as far as to give her a pair of tickets to the Basketball game tonight.

She hears a disturbance and looks to investigate. Shambling towards the lab storage facility lovingly referred to as ‘The Dungeon’ is a group of Zombies. At the head of the zombies she can see Baron Samedi. Hiding around the building is Prof Hodges.

Nova flys out to stop them!

She arrives and trys to threaten the zombies, who were unaffected. Unable to reach her the zombies mill about below her. The Baron opens the door to the storage room and then turns and casts a spell on Prof Hodges. The poor professor is turned into a Man-Gator who savagely attacks Nova. During the fight neither opponent damages the other significantly. Its is revealed that the zombies aren’t true zombies, merely coeds under some effect from Baron Samedi.

During the fight with the Man-Gator the Baron slipped away with a large bag full of stolen goods. The Man-Gator also was able to slip away in the darkness.

The Baron left behind a shopping list of a note written in child-like scribblings.


Wrap Up :
Baron got away with stuff
Prof Hodges turned into Man-Gator and fled

Zombies were created by some kind of powder
The shopping list the Baron discarded



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